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What are we fundraising for?


Lives can be saved and lives are improved as a result of medical research. Doctors, nurses and medical specialists are continually seeking better health outcomes for the community.

Medical research in St George & Sutherland Hospitals will have and impact for your family, your organisation, your community, your country and even worldwide.

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University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is a leader in health and medical research, and is committed to addressing global and regional health challenges by delivering innovative and quality healthcare. The challenge of eradicating illnesses and finding better delivery methods that place the patients needs first as well as reducing costs are at the forefront of UOW's Health and Wellbeing Strategy. We will harness our own and our partner's expertise in health and medical research with a strong focus on innovative future models for delivering quality research and clinical services which are supported by a skilled and agile health workforce for tomorrow.

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All profits raised through our events benefit our charities, SSMRF and UOW. SSMRF are a registered charity in Australia (CFN /20488), and endorsed as a deductible gift recipient. All donations are tax deductible.