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Fundraising Tips

We have heaps of ideas to get you started!


Share your story with all your friends, family and work colleagues. Share your goal and ask them to contribute $1 or $10 for every km you walk. Start posting now!

Local Shops

Drop into your local shops and clubs and ask them to support you on this challenge. Talk to the owner at your favorite pizza shop, hairdresser, gym or chemist and ask them to support you!


The most popular form of fundraising for our events! If it’s just at your place, down at the local park or at Bunning’s, BBQs are a great way to collect fundraising dollars!

Bake Sale

Another popular fundraising event- if you love to bake (and are really good at it) people will hopefully line up for your wonderful food!

Sports Tournaments

Golf days, basketball/tennis/soccer knock outs even video game tournaments can be a really fun and engaging way to fundraise by charging entry fees to teams.

Trivia Night

With a few prizes that can be donated for the winning team, and charging an entry fee, a trivia night can get a heap of people together to have a night of laughs!

Movie Night

With most cinemas offering discounted group tickets, and bundling with food and drink, a night at the movies can be very profitable for your fundraising tally!


One person’s junk is another’s treasure! Having an auction night, not only with your own unwanted gear but donated items as well, is a very simple way to fundraise!

Garage Sale

An oldie but a goodie! This is a very simple way of getting rid of unwanted items and using the profits for your fundraising!

Dog Wash

A fun way to get your neighbourhood pets all clean for summer! You can even expand this to a car wash!


Host a dinner or costume party, make the food and drink and charge an entry fee that will add a boost to your fundraising tally!

Good luck!