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University of Wollongong (UOW)

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is a leader in health and medical research, and is committed to addressing global and regional health challenges by delivering innovative and quality healthcare. The challenge of eradicating illnesses and finding better delivery methods that place the patient’s needs first as well as reducing costs are at the forefront of UOW’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy. We will harness our own and our partners’ expertise in health and medical research with a strong focus on innovative future models for delivering quality research and clinical services which are supported by a skilled and agile health workforce for tomorrow.

Molecular and life sciences research

Molecular Horizons will be a world leading research facility dedicated to delivering scientific discovery to help us understand how life works at a molecular level and solve some of the biggest health challenges facing the world. Antimicrobial resistance is one of these challenges and occurs when a microorganism becomes resistant to antimicrobial medicine, such as an antibiotic. Through Molecular Horizons, UOW will help to develop new drugs to fight diseases.

MIND the GaP

The MIND the GaP initiative will deliver improved mental wellbeing for the community in the Shoalhaven region through research, community outreach and in training future health practitioners. MIND the GaP allows us to make real inroads into addressing mental health issues for vulnerable groups, such as adolescents, the Aboriginal population, high risk occupations and people from low socio-economic backgrounds.

UOW Biopen

UOW has been investing in 3D bioprinting for almost a decade and the team is able to build replacement body parts using living cells. To do this we have to design new printer heads, new types of bioinks, new delivery technologies and new types of scaffolding materials.

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