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St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation

SSMRF is an independent charity which proudly supports medical research in the Southern region of sydney with global impact.

Lives can be saved and lives are improved as a result of medical research. Doctors, nurses and medical specialists are continually seeking better health outcomes for the community.

Medical Research in St George & Sutherland Hospitals will have an impact for your family, your organisation, your community, your country and even worldwide.

With the support of the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge & Gala Ball we will be able to fund medical research at the bedside, such as:

  • Brain Trauma from strokes and any head related accidents
  • Allergies, inflammation and skin diseases
  • Ageing diseases such as arthritis, lung and heart disease

We see our support of The St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation a commitment to make a difference to achieve better health outcomes for our local hospitals and community.

Madeline Tynan has taken on the SSMRF Beachside Dash numerous times and the Kokoda Trail both in QLD and Kokoda itself and now her and her family continue to support us with the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge.